Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week 4 Update!!!!!

Today was a little upsetting, I feel like I backtracked a bit. My weight went back up a pound so not detrimental but I'm more sad because I really wanted to push and see if I could lose a whole ten pounds this month. now I've only lost 6.5 pounds this past month. However on the bright side I did lose 3/4 of an inch around my waist and a whole inch and a half around my hips. That's why I'm glad I do measurements because even though I didn't lose poundage I am still getting smaller. Here's my current measurements.

Waist - 29 in
Hips - 41 in
Thighs - 29 3/4 in
Arms relaxed - 14 in
Arms flexed - 14 1/2 in

This week was definitely a lesson. I got distracted and let myself stray from healthy eating and working out and it showed in my end results. It also reminded me that I am going to struggle along the way but as long as I keep myself optimistic and don't get discouraged when set backs happen I can still do this. Wish me luck everyone.

My mantra this week

Post pictures!!!!

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