Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Days 26, 27, and 28

Alrighty everyone first day of the new format!!!! Basically how this is going to work is that I'm only going to include my caloric intake for each meal per day in list form unless I tried something new that I need to share. Besides that, just assume that the meal was one of the ones from my current meal plan or a previously mentioned meal. I'm going to try and get in the habit of taking pictures of the meals too so I don't have to describe them all the time so you'll have those next blog (beware I may reuse the same picture for a meal if it's the same, no reason to reinvent a wheel that's already functional!!!). I will also be referring to snacks now as meals since of course they count towards me eating. Then at the end I'll do the same with a brief summary of my workout. Ok, here we go.

Meals (Daily Budget 1697 calories)
Day 26
Meal 1-432 calories
Meal 2-193 calories
Meal 3-300 calories
Meal 4-408 calories
Meal 5-252 calories
Meal 6-355 calories

Daily Total- 1941 calories (244 calories over but 665 calories under after workout)

Day 27
Meal 1-400 calories
Meal 2- 300 calories
Meal 3-325 calories
Meal 4- 491 calories
Picture of meal 4

Daily Total- 1516 calories (181 calories under and 1002 under after workout)

Day 28
Meal 1-467 calories
Meal 2- 150 calories
Meal 3-349 calories
Meal 4-300 calories
Meal 5-369 calories
Meal 6-263 calories

Daily Total-  1898 calories (kind of a lot, about 200 calories over, but I had to recover calorie wise from my workout yesterday, plus there was no workout today)

Day 26
Today was day 24 on my juneonfire blogilates calendar and that meant cardio cardio cardio. . Since I already know I probably won't workout Wednesday I assimilated those videos into the 5 days I am working out. So, with that, today I did a total of 8 videos (about 85 minutes). Now for the good stuff. I definitely have to comment about the new video, heart on fire, that came out today because it was death. I did it but not gonna lie, it sucked. It hurt so bad but soooo good and I had sweat EVERYWHERE (see pics below). I was sooo on fire but it felt good because I actually was able to complete pretty much all the reps today. I don't know if I'll be able to do it that hard again tomorrow but only time can tell right? As far as numbers, with my app I'm estimating this workout burned around 900 calories for everything I did during the workout.

Post pics!!!

Day 12 doneski!!!!

Day 27
Today was day 25 on my juneonfire blogilates calendar which meant abs. However, I started out with 2 more of the videos that were scheduled to be done on Wednesday. One of them as the ever so dreadful burpees. Can't say I totally owned it but I actually went all out today so I'm still proud of that. It took me about 25 minutes to do the 100 burpee challenge because first I see what burpee I'm supposed to do then pause it and do it. This way I make sure I get them all in without having to worry about trying to keep up with her pace. I'd rather go my pace and do it right than rush through and hurt myself. Smart huh? Anyways back to abs. I definitely struggled today plus they kept stopping to buffer so it took longer to do (when it stops I restart whatever rep I'm on so I get the full effect, gets painful when I have to start over 3 times or more :-/). I was really sleepy and exhausted from the cardio so I can say this wasn't one of my better days ab wise. I think it's because I put all my effort in to the cardio at the beginning of the workout. Whatever the reason I still survived and am so glad I did it!!!

I was soooo tired, but you have to train insane or remain the same

Day 13 torn to shreds :)

Day 28
No workout today since I work late and have a test tomorrow but up to date I've done over half the videos I was supposed to do today on my juneonfire calendar. I just have 2 more tomorrow and today's workout would have been made up. Wish me luck!!

So that's my update for the last 3 days. How are you guys liking the new format? Is this easier to read? Do you like this way better or the old way? Comment and let me know!!! Thanks for reading and have a magical fantastical day :).

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