Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 20

Today was a better day....for the most part. Breakfast was the same as always so I'll spare you the meal breakdown and say it was 371 calories. Then I snacked on half a banana and some wheat thins (yes, I ate them again today, I probably will be for a while) at 150 calories. Then for Meal 2 I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich (using the other half of the banana of course) which was 359 calories. Still good yes? Then I didn't eat for like 7 hours....that was the bad part. I was out studying and didn't take any snacks or anything. One of my study buddies brought fudge (guesstimating about 448 for the 4 small pieces I ate) but that was it. When I finally did get home I had some homemade popcorn with a tbs of brown sugar (130 calories). Then I started prepping food for the week (pictures will be up for the new recipes I tried when I finish them) and didn't eat dinner for another 2.5 hours after that. For my meal 3 I had a seasoned turkey burger patty with seasoned mixed vegetables (153 calories). Even though I didn't eat that often the fudge pushed my calorie intake to 1851 calories. After I worked out my total intake ended up being 353 calories under my 1987 calorie budget.

Workout today on my blogilates juneonfire calendar was abs. I swear, I keep thinking everyday it'll do better but Cassie keeps proving me wrong. I was literally shaking from the core and then my legs were in pain too from my workout. Not gonna lie, I was getting concerned the last few days when I wasn't sore but today proved that indeed, I'm still working new muscles. Even though being sore sucks I don't feel like I worked my hardest unless I am, even if for just a little while. Today was really tough though because I was sooooo sleepy. A few times I considered only doing one video and just clumping them up tomorrow but I kept telling myself to do one more video and then next thing I knew I was half way done so I figured I might as well finish. Again I was sooo glad I did. Since today was just a toning day, the calorie burn wasn't as high as my cardio days but man did I still sweat.

My goal for tomorrow is to control my wheat thin eating and actually eat some real meals!!!!! I also want to complete all 100 burpees but put concentrate on the form more since last week I just tried to survive them all. Getting stronger every day everyone and I'm so proud of myself for staying with it this long. Tomorrow is day 21 from my original quest to get healthy. I truly believe the habit is formed because now I don't even contemplate working out., it's officially embedded in my normal daily schedule. I feel weird not doing it even if I'm tired, busy, sore, don't want to, whatever. I always slap on those tennis, shorts, and sports bra and get going. Well once again wish me luck!!!!

Sweat drippin all down my face!!!!! I felt sooo sticky and gross, but no sweat out means fat stays in right?

Day 9 done and done!!!

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