Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 19

Today was a baaaaadddd food day. I barely ate anything in variety and the calories weren't there either :/. For breakfast I started out ok with my 3 egg whites with pico de gallo on 2 wheat tortillas and a half a grapefruit (348 calories). Good right, on track so far. Then for a snack I had 2 large carrots (60 calories) and a couple of hours later I had meal 2, a peanut butter and banana smoothie (378 calories). Still good right? This is when it gets rocky. I made these really amaazzziiiiinnnngggg wheat thins that I found a recipe for on Get this, only 101 calories for 20 crackers (29g)!!!! Insanity, right?

Don't they look tasty, they were so legit, tasted like the real thing

So I made the whole recipe's worth, about 13 dozen crackers and  pretty much ate them all....all day....and that was it. They were soooo gooooddd. I ate about 6 servings worth (gram wise) and left the other serving for tomorrow.  It totaled about 606 calories but I was constantly munching. I want to feel guilty but it's hard because they were so low in calories -_-. Anyhow, after my workout I forced myself to eat something else, even though I didn't want to. I ended up making a huge ol bowl of seasoned mixed vegetables (153 calories), so yummy, so worth it even though it was kinda late to be eating. My final caloric intake for the day was 1545 calories leaving me with about 442 calories. After I worked out though I was about 1135 caloriesin the negative.

Now for the workout. Today was cardio day on my blogilates calendar so naturally it kicked my butt. The first video I did was the new one for the week, butt on fire. Honestly should've been renamed butt in inferno. My butt burned in places where I didn't even know muscles existed. Totally felt like dying and in no way made it through every rep but boy was I was being challenged. Even though I didn't make it through all the reps I did as many as I could bear at my current fitness level. The rest of the cardio was deadly from there to be honest since my but was burning, and pretty much all the cardio kept working it. It was totally worth it when I finished though. I felt accomplished. Getting back in shape has been really hard and discouraging at times but I keep reminding myself that I'll get there eventually.

Tomorrow my goal is to do better on the calories since I didn't really hit all my food groups today. You know what, I love how all my goals are to eat more during the day. Weird right? Usually people have issues eating too much. Ah well, I'm just strange I suppose. My roommates actually laugh at me on nights where I'm trying to figure out how I can get the rest of my healthy calories in because usually I'm like 500 or 600 behind. Not fixable by a few tbs of peanut butter or a chicken breast and vegetables. Ok everyone, wish me luck!!!

My sweattastic picture

Day 8 sticky gone, I'm really making my way down this thing!!

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