Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 13

Today was a pretty good day, not gonna lie though, it was hard getting in all the calories I was supposed to. My new calorie balance is 1713 calories so keep that in mind. For meal 1 I had 3 scrambled egg whites with pico de gallo on 2 wheat tortillas and a grapefruit (371 calories). Then for a snack I had 1 and a half large carrots (45 calories). Meal 2 I had a turkey burger patty with balsamic vinaigrette dressing and some sweet potato fries (357 calories). When I got back from class I had 4 more large carrots for a snack (120 calories) and then for meal 3 I had a chicken quarter and 3 cups of mixed vegetables (405 calories). After my workout I snacked on 2tbs of peanut butter (200 calories) and then I had a large pancake with syrup for my last meal of the day  (681 calories). At the end of the day my caloric intake was 2179 calories and after my workout I ended the day with 21 extra calories (balance of 1692 calories).

The workout itself kicked my butt...yet again. I feel myself getting stronger but the workouts definitely haven't gotten easier. But I guess that's a good thing, I know I'm burning calories when I'm struggling to get through the workout. Today on the june on fire calendar we had a new video that she put up today and it was torture. I was soooo sweaty after that first one I couldn't see from all the sweat in my face plus I was sliding all over the mat and the floor. Gross right, but at least we know it's working!!!! I muscled my way through and as always I felt accomplished. My goal for tomorrow is to again eat all the calories I should be and get more reps in of exercises that I did today. Wish me luck!!!

Severely sweaty post workout pics 
double the sweat, double the pictures

Day 3 of 21 day challenge done!!!

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