Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 17

Today was a pretty chill relaxed day. Not too much on the food or workout front so this should be a quick one. Today was my, as Cassie from blogilates says, YOLO meal day. Right before my first meal I had about 3tbs of Greek yogurt (42 calories) so I wasn't ravishingly hungry when I ate. Then for my actual breakfast I had homemade mini pancakes (equivalent to 3 normal sized ones) and homemade syrup totaling 910 calories. Yikes right, but don't worry it works out. For meal two I had  a smoothie with Greek yogurt, a banana, and 1 tbs of natural crunchy peanut butter (273 calories). Lastly for meal 3 I had a turkey burger patty with mixed vegetables (353 calories, check out pictures below!!). So, all in all that brought my daily caloric intake to 1578 calories. I decided to forgo meal 4 because it was only a toning workout day and I didn't feel the need for it. Should I have? Probably, but I slept most of the day so I think I made the right decision.

Meal 3, doesn't it look delish!!!

For my workout it was day 15 of blogilates which meant arms and abs. When I say my triceps were on fire I mean ON FIRE!!! That girl was relentless and we got no break except for during the ab parts but my arms were so sore having to use them at all during the ab part burned more than the ab workout. The most deadly part of the workout was the toned triceps payphone challenge. Not gonna lie, I got no where near completing the whole things. My triceps hurt, my legs hurt, and most importantly my wrists hurt. The calendar said we had to do it twice and honestly I barely got through the first. For the second round I played "I love it" by Iconic over the sound of the video to make it more bearable and then I limited myself to doing just the dips instead of the variations. I figured it was more beneficial to do the reps I could handle as opposed to the reps that were causing me physical pain. I was soooo pooped when I was done but hey, train insane or remain the same right?

Tomorrow is my off day so my goal will be to simply enjoy my day off and replenish my body both food and water wise. Until then stay healthy everyone.

Not super duper sweaty but I had beads of sweat. Cooled off a bit before taking the pic though.

Finished day 6 today of my 21 day challenge. Another sticky peeled off :)

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