Wednesday, November 20, 2013

5 1/2 months done!!!

Wow I have been sadly non existent since September and for that I'm so so so sorry. I'll be doing an extreme overhaul to my meal plan and put updated pics up ASAP but just as a quick update I have  lost a total of 18 pounds!!!!!! This puts me past the halfway mark to my goal!!! I've got about another 15 pounds left before until I get there (I'll reveal actual numbers i.e. start and finish weight then). Even though it's been really rough fitting in working out with my school, work, and extracurriculars I will be jumping back slowly over the next few weeks now that it's getting lighter. I have however stuck to my clean eating and pescetarianism very diligently (a few cheats here and there). Other than that I'll let you know what my daily meal plan looks like right now.

Well here's my most recent comparison done back in September and a recent one will be up soon once I have time to get to it. Stay tuned because this journey is FAR from over!! 6 more months left on my timeline and I plan to stick to it.

Keep striving for the goal no matter what the struggles may be and you'll never be upset with the results. Any progress is further than you would have been by not trying at all.