Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 16

Today was a pretty good day. Started the day off with 3 egg whites on 2 whole wheat tortillas with pico de gallo and a half a grapefruit (495 calories). Then I snacked on 3 large carrots and a banana (totaled 188 calories) before meal two which consisted of a peanut butter (natural crunchy) and apple jelly sandwich on two slices of whole wheat bread (225 calories). A few hours later for meal 3 I had a YOLO meal, beef ravioli (240 calories). Although it didn't have a lot of calories it has a lot of carbs and sodium which for me isn't good to have all the time. Then after my workout I had meal 4 which was 2 servings of whole wheat thin spaghetti with Sofrito (a type of tomato paste), Parmesan cheese, and a few dashes of kosher salt (495 calories, see picture below!!!). At the end of the day my consumption was 1499 calories but after my workout my total caloric intake ended up being 758 calories total under my 1713 calorie budget.


For my workout it was day 14 on the june on fire blogilates calendar. Today was cardio day and I ended up burning around 545 calories!!! My crowing achievement today however was that I ran a mile in 10 minutes and 10 seconds (last week I was at 13 minutes flat). That meant that I shaved off a total of 2 minutes and 50 seconds from my time. Pretty impressive progress in only a week I think. The rest of the workout however was not too fun, burpees somehow found there way in there and obviously after yesterdays burpee burnout I was not up for those at all. But I persevered and lasted much longer during reps and wasn't so quick to stop and take a break. 

All and all today was pretty fab as far as healthy living goes. Tomorrow my goal is to finish the workout week strong and do better with calories. Wish me luck!!

I was definitely a sweaty betty today, glasses kept sliding off and I was sliding all over the floor. 
Totally worth it though of course

Finished day 6 of my 21 day challenge, day 6 her I come!!!

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