Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 6 - Changing the Sticks

Not gonna lie today was a bit rough today. My food intake was right on track. I had my normal eggs, wheat tortillas, pico de gallo, Ortega sauce, and half a grapefruit.For my pre work out snack I had a banana and then for lunch I had a single unseasoned turkey burger on iceberg lettuce with balsamic vinaigrette.  For dinner I had fruit cocktail, 3 leftover coconut shrimp, and left over sweet potato fries from my birthday brunch. Then for an added treat I had a piece from my birthday cake and a small cupcake. My days total caloric intake was 1983 but with my work out it came to 1554 calories.

The workout is what really kicked my butt today. I felt myself adjusting last week so I decided to step it up today. I did my normal 30minutes of yoga and then I did the June 3rd day of blogilates. Now, seriously I was dying through every video and I only did a total of 30minutes. I literally wanted to quit and barely made it through till the end but I stuck with it. I definitely didn't do all the reps but I'll get there.

My goal for tomorrow is to simply keep up the momentum :)

Day 6 Pre and Post Workout pics

Right After Post Workout Pic

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