Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 21

Phew, sorry for the delay the last couple of days. Summer school has made my days too busy to blog everyday but I'm all caught up today. Just a heads up, starting Sunday I will only be blogging 3 days a week meaning each blog will have 2 days on it and Sundays will include the previous weeks post update.  Ok now back to present day.

Today I actually hit all my meals so that was fantastic!!!  For Meal 1 I had my 3 egg whites on 2 whole wheat tortillas with pico de gallo and a grapefruit on the side. Then for my snack I had homemade wheat thins with a little over half a banana (160 calories). Meal 2 I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat bread (349 calories). Meal 3 I had a turkey burger patty on lettuce with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Then for Meal 4 I had half a serving of homemade wheat thins and plain popcorn from the kernel for 110 calories (popped them myself in a brown paper bag !!!). Meal 5 I had whole wheat thin spaghetti with 1/4 a cup of marinara sauce and some Parmesan cheese (425 calories). All together I ate 1814 calories leaving me with a deficit of only 164 calories!!! I did so good it's ridiculous.

My amazingly delish turkey burger patty salad

For workout I actually had to miss today :(. I had a test to study for and I got back to late to workout, study, and have a good night's sleep so I could test well. To make up for it I'm just going to do half of the videos I was supposed to do today on Thursday and the other half on Friday with my other cardio. Last week trying to do 2 sets of workout videos in a row wasn't good for me so I'm going to split them up so that I can give each workout my maximum participation.

However, today I did cook lots of foods for this week and that got me working up a sweat, so hopefully that burned a few calories!!! I made more pico de gallo, wheat thins, and started on my guacamole but the avacodos weren't ripe yet so I'll wait a day or two more. I'll put pictures up later of the foods I made. Also since I didn't work out no sticky from my 21 day challenge comes off :(. But this is what it's for, to visually make me accountable for not completing all parts of my healthy lifestyle for that day.

Anywho, my goal for tomorrow is to hit all my meals again and complete the videos I said I would. Wish me luck!!!!

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