Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 9

For meal 1 I had my normal 3 eggs on 2 wheat tortillas with hot sauce,totaling 522 calories. For meal two I had an Italian seasoned skinless chicken quarter with lime green beans (185 calories). Meal 3 I treated my self to a small piece of cake and 3tbs of plain Greek yogurt (342 calories all together). For meal 4 I had a pb&j sandwich on wheat bread and then after my workout I had 4tbs of plain Greek yogurt. Today felt pretty good because I didn't really crave that much sugar as I have the last few days. In fact I barely got through my last small piece of birthday cake because I thought it was too sweet. Luckily all the pastries are gone now (with the exception of 2 mini cupcakes). Now to the good stuff.

Just a heads up my legs were absolutely KILLING ME today after that 100 burpee burnout from yesterday. I literally felt like my legs were going to give out all day long. I seriously debated not working out because I thought my legs couldn't take it. But you know what, I decided to try anyways and if it got to the point where they wouldn't support me anymore then I would stop the workout. I had to at least try though. So when I got home from work I drank a glass of water, massaged my legs, and took a 45 minute nap. When I woke up I immediately changed to my workout clothes and did it. Guess what happened? My legs didn't give out, fall off, or run away, they survived!!! Let me tell you, it was so motivating and I felt so strong because I was actually able to go through more leg related reps/squats today than I have when my legs didn't hurt. Today was day 6 of the JuneOnFire calendar. Today it consisted of  VS stiletto leg workoutSexy Broom Burn for Trim Thighs & Sculpted BackHIITilates: My Thighs are Dying!Bikini Blaster 7: Bodacious Back + Sleek Shoulders, and Gangnam Style Call Me Maybe Mashup Squat Challenge. Not gonna lie though, a little scared to see how sore my legs and arms are tomorrow but working out sore muscles is supposed to help right? So theoretically my legs and arms won't feel like they're about to fall off right? Right?!?! Don't answer that. Oh well, like they say truth comes out in the morning so I guess we'll see.

Alrighty, my goal for tomorrow is to finish out the week strong with eating right and working out no matter what. I SHALL HAVE A BODY OF STEEL!!! Oh and check out what I started inspired by something off my pinterst board.

It takes 21 days to make a habit. Who's down for challenge because I am!!!

And here it is my sweaty post workout pic. (that shine is sweat so you know)
*make sure to check out my week 1 update to see the post week 1 final pics.

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