Sunday, September 8, 2013

Total Progress Week 1 to Week 14

I decided to do a separate post just to display my total progress the past 4ish months so just scroll down and see the weekly updates up to the most current one now :D

Blogilates June On Fire Results

Back to Normal

Current Before and After

Week 8-14

Wow talk about literally 2 months without updates. Sorry!!! I'll try to do better I'm promise!!!! I haven't figured out if weekly will still work or if I'll do monthly. I'd rather do weekly but we'll have to see. Now, as for my progress report, I'll be including a picture slideshow below each month of all my workout and diet pics.

New recipes and food from this month

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This month was a little rough with my crazy schedule and all. I still managed to eat pretty healthy but I did eat out more than I should have. I traveled to Utah and still managed to work out at the gym there (holla!!).

Post workout at the Marriott hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah

I really really really wanted to run to the top of a hill that we traveled up via tour guide before I left but it was too dark every day when we got done :(.

Hill/Mountain over looking Salt Lake City, Utah

Any who that's pretty much an over view of July and the blogilates thisismyjuly calendar. I lost about 2 pounds total that month because I kept fluctuating up and down. I also lost another inch off my hips and all other measurements stayed the same. This month I also gave up bread and pasta for the most part. It's interesting because most people say they were tired when giving that up but I'm way more energized. When I have to eat either one because that's all there is to eat I feel really groggy and heavy. Weird right? Oh well, on to August :).

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New recipes and food from this month

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August was definitely really rough I only did the first half of the blogilates sohotinaugust calendar consistently between moving, being an Eagle Camp leader, and sorority recruitment work week/actual recruitment but it got better once they were all over. On the bright side at the beginning of this month I FINALLY STARTED SEEING AB LINES!!!! Well, before I stopped being able to work out that is. I did end up losing 2 pounds at the beginning at the month putting me at 12 pounds lost since June but then I gained 5 pounds back from eating out and eating sugary foods I usually don't eat (I'm pretty sure the gain was water weight and such). Anyways I tried not to get discouraged. Concurrently with this though I was doing a 30 day faith and fitness challenge that a friend from high school was running via facebook. That helped me more so on my spiritual side but those days I didn't work out and our fitness challenge was to do something workout related it gave me that final extra push. This month I also decided to go vegetarian so we'll see how that goes. I still eat eggs though cus they're my favorite (mmmm....eggs).

Ab lines!!! The left is me relaxed, the right is me flexing :)

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Obviously this month just started but I definitely feel more on track than I have been the past two months which is interesting because I more busy now than I was then. I think it helps that I struggled the past 2 months because I don't want to back track again. It kind of makes me remember to keep going no matter what's going on around me. This month's calendar is sweatember and I'm just now starting to make it all the way through videos that I struggled with. It makes me happy because I finish feeling empowered rather than defeated. Tis nice :). I also started the vegetarian version of the 90 day challenge from blogilates. It's not that I endorse diets or anything but for me being so busy I needed a meal plan that would be easy to make or grab and go and a lot of the stuff on this plan is raw so it works. This past week I did drop the 2 pounds of water weight but I know already I'm not eating enough so hopefully this helps. Wish me luck!!!

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