Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 18

So today was my lovely off day and it's FATHER'S DAY!!!  Started the day off right with homemade mini pancakes (equaled about 3 normal sized pancakes) with homemade syrup totaling 942 calories for meal 1. Then I snacked on a carrot (30 calories) and for meal 2 had a peanut butter banana smoothie (350 calories). Meal 3 I had mixed vegetables and a turkey burger patty (353 calories). Then to finish off I snacked on my 1/4 a bag of butter lover's popcorn (62 calories). My total caloric intake for the day was 1738 calories. Today I reset my activity level in my calorie app as very active (since my body has adjusted to the new workout schedule) so my new caloric intake is 1987 calories.

Look how summery and fun that is!!!

This week my goal is to do better about packing/eating enough meals everyday no matter how busy my schedule is. I also want to be good about not letting the scale be a distraction since I got one (see week 2 update). I also have some new recipes that I found on I will be trying to make this week since I went to the store and hauled some serious healthy foods. GET EXCITED EVERYONE!!!!!

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