Wednesday, November 20, 2013

5 1/2 months done!!!

Wow I have been sadly non existent since September and for that I'm so so so sorry. I'll be doing an extreme overhaul to my meal plan and put updated pics up ASAP but just as a quick update I have  lost a total of 18 pounds!!!!!! This puts me past the halfway mark to my goal!!! I've got about another 15 pounds left before until I get there (I'll reveal actual numbers i.e. start and finish weight then). Even though it's been really rough fitting in working out with my school, work, and extracurriculars I will be jumping back slowly over the next few weeks now that it's getting lighter. I have however stuck to my clean eating and pescetarianism very diligently (a few cheats here and there). Other than that I'll let you know what my daily meal plan looks like right now.

Well here's my most recent comparison done back in September and a recent one will be up soon once I have time to get to it. Stay tuned because this journey is FAR from over!! 6 more months left on my timeline and I plan to stick to it.

Keep striving for the goal no matter what the struggles may be and you'll never be upset with the results. Any progress is further than you would have been by not trying at all.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Total Progress Week 1 to Week 14

I decided to do a separate post just to display my total progress the past 4ish months so just scroll down and see the weekly updates up to the most current one now :D

Blogilates June On Fire Results

Back to Normal

Current Before and After

Week 8-14

Wow talk about literally 2 months without updates. Sorry!!! I'll try to do better I'm promise!!!! I haven't figured out if weekly will still work or if I'll do monthly. I'd rather do weekly but we'll have to see. Now, as for my progress report, I'll be including a picture slideshow below each month of all my workout and diet pics.

New recipes and food from this month

cheer_0662's modbod july2013 album on Photobucket

This month was a little rough with my crazy schedule and all. I still managed to eat pretty healthy but I did eat out more than I should have. I traveled to Utah and still managed to work out at the gym there (holla!!).

Post workout at the Marriott hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah

I really really really wanted to run to the top of a hill that we traveled up via tour guide before I left but it was too dark every day when we got done :(.

Hill/Mountain over looking Salt Lake City, Utah

Any who that's pretty much an over view of July and the blogilates thisismyjuly calendar. I lost about 2 pounds total that month because I kept fluctuating up and down. I also lost another inch off my hips and all other measurements stayed the same. This month I also gave up bread and pasta for the most part. It's interesting because most people say they were tired when giving that up but I'm way more energized. When I have to eat either one because that's all there is to eat I feel really groggy and heavy. Weird right? Oh well, on to August :).

cheer_0662's modbodslimdown august2013_2 album on Photobucket
Post workout pics

New recipes and food from this month

cheer_0662's modbodaugust2013food album on Photobucket

August was definitely really rough I only did the first half of the blogilates sohotinaugust calendar consistently between moving, being an Eagle Camp leader, and sorority recruitment work week/actual recruitment but it got better once they were all over. On the bright side at the beginning of this month I FINALLY STARTED SEEING AB LINES!!!! Well, before I stopped being able to work out that is. I did end up losing 2 pounds at the beginning at the month putting me at 12 pounds lost since June but then I gained 5 pounds back from eating out and eating sugary foods I usually don't eat (I'm pretty sure the gain was water weight and such). Anyways I tried not to get discouraged. Concurrently with this though I was doing a 30 day faith and fitness challenge that a friend from high school was running via facebook. That helped me more so on my spiritual side but those days I didn't work out and our fitness challenge was to do something workout related it gave me that final extra push. This month I also decided to go vegetarian so we'll see how that goes. I still eat eggs though cus they're my favorite (mmmm....eggs).

Ab lines!!! The left is me relaxed, the right is me flexing :)

cheer_0662's modbodaugust2013 album on Photobucket

Post workout pics
New recipes and food so far

cheer_0662's september album on Photobucket

Obviously this month just started but I definitely feel more on track than I have been the past two months which is interesting because I more busy now than I was then. I think it helps that I struggled the past 2 months because I don't want to back track again. It kind of makes me remember to keep going no matter what's going on around me. This month's calendar is sweatember and I'm just now starting to make it all the way through videos that I struggled with. It makes me happy because I finish feeling empowered rather than defeated. Tis nice :). I also started the vegetarian version of the 90 day challenge from blogilates. It's not that I endorse diets or anything but for me being so busy I needed a meal plan that would be easy to make or grab and go and a lot of the stuff on this plan is raw so it works. This past week I did drop the 2 pounds of water weight but I know already I'm not eating enough so hopefully this helps. Wish me luck!!!

cheer_0662's modbodseptemberworkout2013 album on Photobucket
Post workout pics

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 7 Update

Soooo good to be back everyone. This month has definitely been crazy busy and I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while. I'm probably going to make a mass post for the days just including post workout and food pictures so you're not overwhelmed with text. That and I haven't been habitually tacking every bit of food I've been eating. I need to get back in that habit though because I can already tell some days have been heavy on the calories. Anyways I'm starting one more change this week, I will now only be doing 2 posts a week. One post will be the normal weekly update and the other will be post workout and food pictures from the week. Alrighty then, all done with announcements, back to the update.

This week I finally hit my 10 lbs. lost mark!!! YAYYYY!!!! It's been a real struggle this month since I've been super stressed and because of it my weight has been fluctuating up and down. My body did not handle everything that has been going on very well. I was able to not get too frustrated with not losing any weight once I realized I was stress eating and therefore holding stress weight. I just picked myself up this week and kind of reset myself in my healthy eating and workout and that apparently worked. From last week to this week I've lost 1.4 pounds. Only 20 more to go till my healthy weight. I've extended my timeline to lose that to January that way I can focus on losing about 5 pounds a month. I feel much more refocused now, it was just that time where I needed to shake things up. Here's my new measurements (pictures will be added tomorrow)

Waist - 28.5 inches
Hips - 42 inches
Thigh - 27 inches
Flexed - 14 inches
Relaxed - 13 3/4 inches

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week 6 Update

This week was mega  busy  and I only got around to weighing in. It's a little better this week, I dropped another 1.4 lbs and that puts me at the lowest I've been so far with all the weight fluctuation that's been going on the last few weeks. It hasn't been the best week with eating and working out since its been outrageously busy. Haven't been feeling the most motivated lately, I just feel like I haven't been progressing even though the numbers don't lie. Just need a pick me up I guess. No measurements this week since I didn't get around to it but I promise I will next week. Hopefully things will only get better from here. Pictures coming soon!!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 35, 36, and 37

Whoop whoop first week of July done!!!!! Pretty rough last few days though :/

Day 35
Meal 1-292 calories
Meal 2- 300 calories
Meal 3-252 calories
Meal 4-291 calories

Total caloric intake - 1136 calories, 555 calories under

Day 36
Meal 1-292 calories
Meal 2-300 calories
Meal 3-283 calories
Meal 4- 185 calories
Meal 5-682 calories

Total caloric intake - 1782 calories, 91 calories over, no workout (new rest day)

Day 37
Meal 1-842 calories 
Sooo good, I think I like these better than regular pancakes

Meal 2- 300 calories

Total caloric intake - 1142 calories, 549 calories under

Day 35
Today was POP HIIT day on my blogilates thisismyjuly workout calendar along with the videos I was supposed to do yesterday. Because of the nature of the workout, like Tuesday, I was sweating more than a glass of ice cold tea in the hot Texas sun!!! The first thing I did was Wednesdays videos.

Day 18 done!!!!! Only 3 days left!!!

Day 36

Day 37
Today was Lower body and man did it burn. I do feel like I've improved significantly though because this was my second or third time doing some of these videos and I actually was able to push completely through some of the reps. Feeling lean and mean today. Can't wait for next week so I can continue to improve :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Days 32, 33, and 34

Soo much win this week so far. Getting back on track and it feels good :)

Meals: Daily budget 1691 calories 
Day 32
Meal 1 - 341 calories
Meal 2 - 739 calories (4 pieces of homemade banana oatmeal bread with peanut butter)
Meal 3 - 210 calories (plain popcorn and whole carrots)
Meal 4 - 440 calories

Daily caloric intake - 1730 calories, 227 calories under budget after workout

Day 33
Meal 1 - 292 calories

Getting pretty good at these
Meal 2 - 342 calories
Meal 3 - 300 calories (kettle corn)

No I didn't eat all of it
Meal 4 -  450 (tortilla chips)
Meal 5 - 150 calories

Daily caloric intake - 1534 calories, 759 calories under budget after workout

Day 34
Meal 1 - 292 calories
Meal 2 - 245 calories
Meal 3 - 650 calories (zucchini squash on sub bread, lays potato chips, and 2 white chocolate macadamia nut cookies)
Meal 4 - 232 calories

Daily caloric intake - 1419 calories, 272 calories under budget

Day 32
Today was core day on my blogilates thisismyjuly calendar workout.  However, it should of been named the kill my abs and lower back past the point of ever becoming a zombie workout. I by no means did all the reps but I sure did try and boy did I still sweat. Usually on toning days I don't sweat very much at all but this day really kicked by butt and had me feeling like I was doing cardio. Hoots to Cassey for continuing to challenge me. I don't think I'll ever be bored or not struggling through her workouts. Very good day, I really felt like I ate right and worked hard to strengthen my core.

Phew my core was burning, feeling strong though!!!

Day 16, S-O  O-ver

Day 33
Today was probably the roughest day I've had. Like seriously, worse than the burpee challenge. It was pop hiit Tuesday which meant that it was a high intensity interval training day. I was sweating all over the floor and then slipping and sliding all over the place because of the puddles on the floor. It was gross, but the good kind of gross, the good gross you get after working out really hard. Since it was they type of workout you did solo I was able to focus more on completing each rep correctly and safely instead of trying to keep up with the video. It was nice....well as nice as it can be when you're dog tired and gasping for air. I did do all 3 sets of torture and felt rather accomplished when I was done. Can't wait to do something new and challenging tomorrow and then do this HIIT routine again Thursday.

Sweaty sweat sweat workout done

Day 17!!!! So close to being done, less than a week!!!!

Day 34
Let me start off by saying I'm sooo totally sore from yesterday. It's like seriously ridic. Even though tomorrow is the 4th of July (YAYYYY) and I don't have class I was so tired from finals studying and work I still wasn't able to work out :(. Hopefully Friday when we get rescheduled I won't have to work that late during the week anymore so I don't have to skip. Wish me luck!!!