Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 12

Today it was lovely having a workout break but I have to admit, I did feel strange not doing it. I was tempted to workout anyways but i knew my body needed a break. For meal 1 I treated myself to 2 homemade pancakes with homemade syrup (880 calories). For meal 2 I had 2 hard boiled eggs with mustard, pepper, cayenne pepper, and paprika (150 calories). Meal 3/snack I had popcorn, mmmm popcorn (112 calories). For my last meal(meal 5) I had a turkey burger on a wheat bun with balsamic vinaigrette dressing and BBQ sauce (388 calories). Then a few hours later I snacked on the last if my sweets, some left over marshmallow frosting (yummy and only 154 calories). My ending caloric intake was 1683 calories. Per my change in activity level I updated my calorie app from sedentary to moderately active so my new caloric intake allowance is 1713 calories. This left me with a leftover balace of 29 calores. Either next week or the week after I'll update it again to very active since I would have consistently been working out intensively 6 days a week and I'll probably need the extra calories I keep my metabolism from slowing.

Overall it was a good day and I still felt productive. I did laundry, cut up all my carrots into sticks for snacks, and made my pico de gallo for the week. My goal for tomorrow is to fully eat my new calorie amount and try to push through all the reps of my workout.

Motivational quote for the day and week. Here's to moving towards making a life change and not just being on another diet.

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