Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week 1 Weigh In!!

Since I've started adding workouts to my healthy eating a week ago I've lost 3.3 pounds!!!!! Not gonna lie, at first I was like only 3 pounds but then after I got to thinking and image looking that's actually quite a big amount in just one week. Basically since there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat I ran a total deficit of 10,500 calories over the past week with watching calories and working out combined!!! Considering I missed a day and had heavy calorie birthday food that's amazing. Imagine the progress I'll have the more consistent I am with staying on my healthy lifestyle course. This has definitely propelled my motivation even more and I know I'm going to work even harder to achieve what I can. All the soreness and working out when I didn't want to, all the days I still worked out no matter what the time was totally worth it. Proof that you just got to get down and do it the hard way.

You know what I've realized, is at the end of the day fat is stored energy so the only way to get rid of it is to use it. So what better way you use it then busting your but everyday doing something you like/love to do. My advice to everyone is pick a workout plan that works for you, one where you feel successful even if you struggle your way through. For me it's variations of yoga, pilates, and dance so just keep in mind what's best for your friends may not be best for you. Just get moving!!! Lastly and above all do it naturally and make sure you're eating!!!! When you have a constant flow of calories you're body no longer feels the need to store calories because you've trained it to realize it's going to get nourishment every couple of hours. That way your body uses the calories you eat to run the day to day processes of your body and uses the stored fat to fuel your workout.  I guess what I'm getting at here is that complete food restriction is dangerous and often back fires. Just learn to moderate. I mean look at me I had cake and bread this week and still lost weight, what does that tell you.

*Diagram of how much I lost this week. Equivalent to three handfuls of fatty fat!!!

Alright everyone, enough of my rambling I was just really happy and felt the need to share that news along with some wisdom. Time to continue on this journey!! Week 2 and modbod here I come!!!!

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