Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 3

Today was jam packed busy. I did my best to prepack food and I actually stayed on course. I started out the same as every other day this week, 2 scrambled eggs on wheat tortillas with pico de gallo and Ortega Taco sauce. Then I packed for the day a pb&j snadwhich and 4 hard boiled eggs with mustard, cayenne pepper,black pepper and paprika. I didn't get to working out today due to changes in plans and my consequential full day schedule :( but I was still about 600 calories under budget. With my extra calories I rewarded myself with half a Chili's dinner (a few bites of cheese fries, seasoned boiled corn, a few fries, and about 4 chicken crispers) at about 1190 calories. It did put me way over (593 calories) for a total caloric intake of 2026 but I'll make up for it this weekend hopefully. Birthday is on Sunday, excitement!!! Obviously the cake will probably kill but my goal for the weekend is to eat light to keep the calories under control. I'll post day 4 and 5 together since there won't be too much going on food and exercise wise because of birthday stuff. Obviously no workout pic today so here's an inspirational quote instead :).

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 2

Today was much more successful in terms of calories especially with it being such a busy day. I started out the similar to yesterday eating 3 scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, and Ortega sauce on two whole wheat tortillas as well as a half a grapefruit (totaled 324calories). Then for my second meal, a little later than I would have liked, I had a pb&j sandwich on two pieces of whole wheat bread (250calories). Then when I got home, to keep myself from eating a lot due to being so hungry, I had a banana smoothie as a snack (only 2 bananas, ice, and greek yogurt totaling 336calories). My fourth meal, otherwise known as my pre-workout munch, I had 4 deviled eggs (half a teaspoon of mayo, 1tbs, of mustard, paprika, black pepper, and cayenne pepper) totaling only 290 calories. After doing 40mins of yoga and 10 mins of ab workout, I ate a baked Italian herb chicken quarter and boiled mixed vegetables (183 calories). Since I had about 300calories to spare I treated myself to 2 cookies :). Soooo worth it. I ended the day with a total caloric intake of 1653 but with the work out I ended the day at 1364, 76 calories under my daily budget!!!!!
I think I was more successful today because I didn't let laziness and the evil hungry hippo inside me drive me to eat too much or not the right types of foods. I definately almost didn't work out due to time but again, I was already so hot from the day I decided why not. Plus I hadn't gotten comfortable yet and it probably helped me procrastinate on other things I didn't feel like doing. Isn't that great, working out is not the worst part of my day anymore :). I feel good today, this will definately be one of the days I will use as motivation. The actual work out session wasn't as deadly tiring so I already feel I'm improving.
Tomorrow my goal will be to not let my busy schedule ruin my eating schedule. I will also try and resist fast food just because I'm on campus all day and just pack some stuff for my day. I wasn't able to buy any supplements today so that will be a rolling goal till my next paycheck. Wish me luck!!!

I sweat way worse today, you can't tell that well but I was drenched in sweat. My glasses got foggy and I just had to lay there and be sweaty but I was glad I did it :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 1 - Hardest one

Today not gonna lie wasn't the best. I started out pretty good eating my 2 eggs with some ortega salsa, 2 wheat tortillas, and a half a grapefruit totaling 463 calories. Then for lunch I just had a pb&j since I was at work at the time. But then, when I got home I had 3 bulvarian cream donuts (840 calories ouch) :( and of course after that beast of a meal I just had to take a nap (procrastinating working out). However to my luck I woke up in a sweat and decided might as well get up and work out since I'm sweating anyways. I did 40mins of yoga from a DVD ($10 at walmart) then a 14minute victoria secret model ab workout by my new workout savior from blogilates. Lets just say I was grunting like a walrus and my roommates got a kick out of laughing at me. But still I prevailed, even with some technical difficulties. I then snacked on 4 large carrots,cut of course, which equaled 120 calories while I waited on my chicken quarter to be done cooking. I cut the skin off (way too many calories) and used various Italian herbs and seasonings. I think I seasoned them rather well and they're so delicious I don't use bbq or A1 sauce (also extra calories). The chicken by itself was only 150 calories ending my daily caloric intake total at 1923. A little more than my liking but hey, it's day one and with the work out I was only over my daily budget (1416 calories) by 108 calories.

Overall not a horrible day one as I had to get rid of the last of the fatty things I had around (the donuts). Tomorrow I will try to eat the four to five meals I'm following from a site I found (this one!!!), with modifications of course, along with a few vitamins/supplements. Wish me luck :)

(didn't have the energy to take the picture until about 30mins after the work out so that's why I'm not all sweaty :) next time i'll just take it on the floor where I lay in agony lol)

Journey To My Supermodel body

Two weeks ago I began on my weight loss journey by slowly revising my diet. This week I finally started working out again and I'm determined to work for and have my version of a super model body. Life events and pure laziness have kept me away from the healthy lifestyle I've always wanted but I'm taking the bull by the horns and changing that today. No excuses from this day out and this blog will serve as a way to keep myself accountable for my eating habits and workout regime. I'll be posting what I eat, drink, and do for workout along with any websites I've used as reference so you can follow along and even join if you would like. Every day I work out I will include post work out photos to help get rid of the glorification of working out. If you do it right and go hard there's no way you look "cute" when you're done. Those pictures will be my trophies for those days and hopefully show that the work outs are kicking my butt too.

I'm not saying the transformation will be easy, I'm not saying it's going to happen over night. That's part of the reason I've created this blog. To show the day to day struggles that go along with leading a healthy lifestyle. Together we can complain, pout, and motivate each other during the hard days and celebrate and cheer for each other on our good ones. Feel free to follow me on pinterest, instagram (#modbodslimdown), twitter, and facebook. Well, here we go.