Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 7

Today was a little more chill. I got out of one of my classes so early I was able to go home, eat lunch, and get a nap in.  For breakfast I started out the same (see my current meal plan) for my weekly diet plan). For a snack number 1 I had a banana and for snack number 2 I had a mini cupcake that my roommate surprised me with for my birthday (only 44 calories thank you very much) and then a normal sized cupcake from by birthday (together only 273 calories). For my second meal I had a turkey burger on iceberg lettuce with pickles and balsamic vinegar with a serving of baked bbq chips. Then I was naughty and had 3 more mini cupcakes. After that I've just been drinking water.

Workout today was at a bit later time than usual. I did 10 minutes of yoga and 60minutes of ab workout per the june 4th calendar day on blogilates. It was kind of a struggle to get started on the workout today  but I stayed motivated and got up and did it. Worked up so much sweat I was sliding all over my yoga mat. Gross but that means I was doing it right. Definitely didn't kill my work out today, it was really challenging and I did the best I could. I'll get better and stronger and then move on to even more challenging stuff one day. That's what's been getting me through, working through the struggles of each day to see progress. If it's easy that means I'm no longer progressing.

Ok, now back to my train of thought. My total caloric intake was 1798 calories and after workout it was 1286 (512 calories under). My goal for tomorrow is to better manage what kinds of foods I'm eating and not just exclusively calories. Since I may have tomorrow as my off day due to heavy scheduling, and I'll be out all day, I know I need to be careful. Wish me luck.

day 7 post workout

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