Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 3

Today was jam packed busy. I did my best to prepack food and I actually stayed on course. I started out the same as every other day this week, 2 scrambled eggs on wheat tortillas with pico de gallo and Ortega Taco sauce. Then I packed for the day a pb&j snadwhich and 4 hard boiled eggs with mustard, cayenne pepper,black pepper and paprika. I didn't get to working out today due to changes in plans and my consequential full day schedule :( but I was still about 600 calories under budget. With my extra calories I rewarded myself with half a Chili's dinner (a few bites of cheese fries, seasoned boiled corn, a few fries, and about 4 chicken crispers) at about 1190 calories. It did put me way over (593 calories) for a total caloric intake of 2026 but I'll make up for it this weekend hopefully. Birthday is on Sunday, excitement!!! Obviously the cake will probably kill but my goal for the weekend is to eat light to keep the calories under control. I'll post day 4 and 5 together since there won't be too much going on food and exercise wise because of birthday stuff. Obviously no workout pic today so here's an inspirational quote instead :).

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