Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 1 - Hardest one

Today not gonna lie wasn't the best. I started out pretty good eating my 2 eggs with some ortega salsa, 2 wheat tortillas, and a half a grapefruit totaling 463 calories. Then for lunch I just had a pb&j since I was at work at the time. But then, when I got home I had 3 bulvarian cream donuts (840 calories ouch) :( and of course after that beast of a meal I just had to take a nap (procrastinating working out). However to my luck I woke up in a sweat and decided might as well get up and work out since I'm sweating anyways. I did 40mins of yoga from a DVD ($10 at walmart) then a 14minute victoria secret model ab workout by my new workout savior from blogilates. Lets just say I was grunting like a walrus and my roommates got a kick out of laughing at me. But still I prevailed, even with some technical difficulties. I then snacked on 4 large carrots,cut of course, which equaled 120 calories while I waited on my chicken quarter to be done cooking. I cut the skin off (way too many calories) and used various Italian herbs and seasonings. I think I seasoned them rather well and they're so delicious I don't use bbq or A1 sauce (also extra calories). The chicken by itself was only 150 calories ending my daily caloric intake total at 1923. A little more than my liking but hey, it's day one and with the work out I was only over my daily budget (1416 calories) by 108 calories.

Overall not a horrible day one as I had to get rid of the last of the fatty things I had around (the donuts). Tomorrow I will try to eat the four to five meals I'm following from a site I found (this one!!!), with modifications of course, along with a few vitamins/supplements. Wish me luck :)

(didn't have the energy to take the picture until about 30mins after the work out so that's why I'm not all sweaty :) next time i'll just take it on the floor where I lay in agony lol)

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