Sunday, September 8, 2013

Total Progress Week 1 to Week 14

I decided to do a separate post just to display my total progress the past 4ish months so just scroll down and see the weekly updates up to the most current one now :D

Blogilates June On Fire Results

Back to Normal

Current Before and After


  1. You're such an inspiration! You look amazing!!!

    I just started Blogilates (I'm on the 18th day of the beginner's calendar) and I'm hooked. I've got about 50lbs to lose. I'm just starting to see changes- subtle, like my neck looks longer, and my belly hangs differently in some spots (gross, I know, but accurate!). I can't SEE the muscles, but I can tell they're there. I can feel them!

    I'll be stalking your blog for motivation. :)

    1. Oh my gosh stop, you're too sweet. Thank you for thinking I'm an inspiration, that means so much :). Anyways about your belly hanging differently, it's definitely not gross, results are results especially since the first few weeks are rough. I really look forward to you following my blog and getting healthier too!! Also I really do suggest doing a sort of picture diary just for your self because the scale isn't always right. My body has changed so much clearly but I've only lost about 12ish pounds. The scale and even measuring tape can lie but pictures don't. Good luck and stay strong!!!!

      P.S. thanks for commenting :)


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